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” Eau Plus ” uses our original electronic technology, By instantly sterilizing bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Legionella, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water (well water, rainwater, tap water) and improving water quality, You can supply and use safer and cleaner water.
It is a system that can be used without the installation of conventional large-scale equipment and large costs.

The product name “O-plus” means adding “good for water” and improving it to safer and more reliable water, and to add health and well-being to everyone. We tried combining Water = Eau (French) and Plus (English).

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■ Regeneration of sanitary environment by improving water quality

1 Use at home and facilities: Hospitals, elderly facilities, infant / child-related facilities, etc. By installing it in the water tower of the existing facility, the tap water in the facility is supplied with more sterilized negative ion water. Therefore, it will also help prevent virus infections caused by various bacteria.

2Locations that depend on water supply such as rainwater: There is no infrastructure for water supply in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas, and water supply by pumping up groundwater (well water, etc.) Where it depends on water. Places where drinking water or domestic water from stored water such as rainwater is used, or where health damage due to infectious diseases or bacteria is likely to occur depending on the climatic environment.

3 Reservoir and canal that cause bad odor … Water quality can be purified by a discharge element for a certain period even in a reservoir or a man-made river that does not flow, causing bad odor and unsanitary in the living area.

4Sewage treatment at food processing factories, etc .: Can also be used at sewage treatment plants at food processing factories, etc., to separate oil and fat, which are the main components of sewage, in a short time. Therefore, it enables drainage within the standard to natural rivers.

5Improve seawater to pure water.
2In 2019, when boring groundwater in Amami Oshima Island, chloride ions came out.
The salt concentration of ordinary seawater is about 30000PPM, but the chloride ion concentration of groundwater was 3000PPM.
Conventionally, the chloride ion concentration that the health center has instructed has become less than 600PPM. Therefore, when we corresponded with electronic equipment + reverse osmosis membrane + spool filter + activated carbon filter, it became about 1000PPM.
Furthermore, when it was drenched with a hollow fiber membrane filter, it was successfully 100% pure water.
In this way, even in areas where water resources are scarce, water quality can be improved at low cost.

6Improve dirty water to pure water
There are many countries around the world that have water problems. There is no water supply, pumping up groundwater, storing rainwater and using it in daily life. This has caused infections and many other diseases.
This machine will be used effectively in such a place. Even without electrical equipment, it can be operated by installing a small photovoltaic panel.
Many children’s health and community safety can be secured at low cost.


■ Utilization for agriculture

Photosynthesis UP after electronic, spraying of electronically treated water makes it difficult for pests and diseases to occur. Pesticide-free cultivation is possible. In addition, aerobic bacteria promote photosynthesis by generating electrons in the water, which increases crop growth and yield. It can be used effectively even in areas with food shortages

Check Report

⑴ E. coli count of Ogawa in Saga city (December 2008)

① Water sampling in a stream 100cc → Detecting the number of 7,900 coliforms.
② Discharger 15 minutes in 100cc of water same as ① → Detects 2 coliforms

■ Finding ① / Saga Environmental Science Association

The number of coliforms after 15 minutes of the discharger may be judged to be equivalent to detection “0” for two test results. Furthermore, since negative ions are generated, it is improved to a water quality environment for which it is difficult for various germs to regenerate. * Inspection table no.1 Analysis test results (Saga Environmental Science Inspection Association No. 08418, No. 08421)

■ Finding ② / Ryota Shinohara, Professor, Kumamoto Prefectural University

The number of coliforms contained in Ogawa’s water was 7,900, and it was proved that the number of coliforms was drastically reduced to 2 when the method electrode was installed in the water within the ground. This indicates that E. coli was sterilized by the electrons emitted from the electrodes. Since the flow of electrons in water sterilizes Escherichia coli, it can be evaluated that the electron electrode can be a powerful sterilizer in natural water flow by installing it.

⑵ Results of purification test in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture (January 2009)

①Test overview
A test was conducted in a sewage treatment tank at Delica Friends (Seven-Eleven Bento Factory) in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The situation is in a sewage treatment tank with a daily sewage volume of about 1,800 tons.
● Day 1… On the first day… Start discharger in the 1,800 t / day sewage treatment tank.
● Day 2… A large amount of foamy substances emerged on the surface of the sewage treatment tank.
(Kumamoto Prefectural University Faculty of Environmental Symbiosis Professor Shinohara)
● Day 3… The sewage is completely separated, the transparency from 15 degrees before the test is changed to 100 degrees, and can be dumped into a river.


Electrons are placed in a 1,800-tonne sewage tank, which quickly separates sewage mixed with fats and oils, and the number of coliforms that can be confirmed before the implementation is reduced to 130. Was confirmed. In addition, it was confirmed that a synergistic effect on the purification ability can be obtained by suppressing the growth of aerobic bacteria by the drastic reduction of E. coli. It was also confirmed that suspended solids drastically decreased from 45mg / L to 2mg / L1 (decrease in sludge volume).

(3)Treatment effect using discharger electrode in activated sludge treatment

■ Findings and Evaluation

In BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), the target treated water was 3.7 mg / L, but when the discharge electrode was put into the treatment tank, it decreased to 1.7 mg / L and the nitrogen concentration increased. Therefore, the decomposition treatment effect of organic pollutants by the discharger electrode is recognized. Also, the SS in the target treated water is 45 mg / L, whereas the treated water at the discharger electrode is 2 mg / L, and the transparency is improved almost 7 times. A strong agglomeration effect is observed.

Furthermore, the number of coliforms was 3,100, but decreased to 130 and 1/24, indicating that there is an antibacterial action of the method electron electrode. Similarly, since the MLSS (activated sludge suspended solids) and the return sludge concentration are also reduced, the growth suppression effect is recognized even for aerobic bacteria and protozoa that form activated sludge.

It can be evaluated as a very useful water treatment apparatus that the method of suppressing the growth of sludge, which is the biggest problem of activated sludge, while improving the BOD treatment effect and coagulation effect.

Measurement itemUnitExistingAfter treatmentDifference
N-Hexane extract materialmg/LLess than 0.5Less than 0.50
Nitrogen concentrationmg/L1.93.9+2.0
Sludge concentrationmg/L7,3005,6001,700

Our promise = A safe life with clean water.

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