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Currently, there are major environmental problems common to world. Under such circumstances, we have been reserching and developing for 20 years. There were big difficulties and barriers along the way of development. In such case, I have been working hard to make the next generations kids smile. As a result, this “ER0024”is complete on this time. and I think that it can be reformed to a better social environment by spreading and enlightening this.
With our philosophy of “Elimination of global environmental problems” in mind, and this “ER0024” will contribute to society, and will continue to develop new technologies and markets.
We promise that our reserch will lead to a prosoerous future and protect a peasful and beautiful environment.

Company Profile


STD bld, 2-7-14 Masaki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-c , Aichi, JAPAN 4600024
TEL +81-52-265-9530/FAX +81-52-265-9496

EstablishJuly, 20
PresidentKiyotaka Hatta
Business descriptionReserch & development of new products
for environment innovation by electron.